The Corporate Couch – Be Entrepreneurial!

The Corporate Couch – Be Entrepreneurial!

Here are a few “entrepreneurial” habits we can all adopt!

Embrace Change.

Entrepreneurs are touted as highly motivated and flexible, but flexibility is important for any job! Recognize that you won’t always be in control of what happens, and ensure that you’re prepared to adjust as circumstances change around you.

Foster your creativity.

Creativity is an overlooked skill that most individuals have in grade school, let dwindle until retirement… at which time they pick up creative hobbies! Creativity benefits you and your organization no matter where you work or what you do! Take time to foster your creativity and add value to your life and to your organization!


Networking and building a group of peers and contacts that you trust can propel you to success and prepare you to have connections that you may not have otherwise seen — entrepreneur or not! Value the unique individuality of each person you meet and the relationships you build.

Take time for you.

A little-known trait of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to balance the changing demands of their work and ensure they take time for themselves. This trait is important for anyone’s happiness and success, so be sure that even in the busiest of times, you take time to do what you enjoy and relax!

These are just a few of the “entrepreneurial” traits we can all adopt to build to a more fulfilling and successful work experience and life!

– Dr. Mimi

Dr. Mimi Hull is a licensed psychologist, she has a master’s in counseling and personnel services and a doctorate in psychology with specialization in business management from the University of Florida.

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