Growth AND Fixed Mindsets

Growth AND Fixed Mindsets

Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can learn and change and grow – or not – our beliefs in accomplishing something, such as realizing our Vision, Mission, and Goals- our NorthStar.

These two extremes form the basis for the concept of a fixed versus a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe they are born naturally gifted at doing some things but utterly incapable of others, whereas people with a growth mindset believe they can become virtuosos of anything if they try hard enough.
People with growth mindset continue growing throughout their lives, acquiring new skills without reservation, and actively engaging in their relationships. For them, life in all its facets is in a constant state of change.

People with a fixed mindset often let their black-and-white way of thinking obstruct their development. If they fail at something, they bury their heads in the sand or blame others. They hope for everlasting love in their relationships rather than working on the relationships themselves.

Nobody must be a victim of their surroundings when developing their own mindset. The brain can be trained like any other muscle: if we want a growth mindset, we can teach ourselves to think that way, one step at a time.

A fixed mindset is not easy to kick. It has likely become an emotional crutch over the years. It protects us from failure, creates recognition in the eyes of our parents and partners, and boosts our self confidence. It comforts us time and again., so getting rid of it can be extremely discomforting.

Adopting a growth mindset in any field enables us to make the impossible possible (Christopher Reeve) and to continue to improve our talents and abilities (Michael Jordan). In this regard, the growth mindset is the key to self-fulfillment

A growth mindset is a good thing. So, is a fixed mindset, especially when you possess an unshakable belief in yourself.
So don’t see fixed and growth mindset as “or”. See the two mindsets as “AND.” Because you will be much more likely to succeed… when you embrace a bit of both.

“Anyone can adopt a growth mindset and make the impossible possible”


Shan Shanbhag, Ph.D.
Mentor and Business Development Advisory
Principal, Shanbhag Enterprises
[email protected]

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