The Corporate Couch – Are You Managing Your Time?

The Corporate Couch – Are You Managing Your Time?

Whether you are working from home or back in the office, time management is important. Good time management reduces stress and increases productivity.

Answer these questions to determine if you are using your time wisely. If you answer “yes” to any, you probably could some help!

Do I spend time wondering what I should do next? Make a decision. Even if it isn’t the top priority, at least you will have done something.

Do I let “routines” control me? What do you do when you arrive at work? Do you waste time doing things just because they are habits? Try changing your routine.

Do I say “yes” too often? It is OK to say “No”. It is good to help others, but be sure that you are not doing so much for others that your own priorities don’t get done.

Do I put off simple, boring, or tedious tasks? Every time you think about these activities, you are wasting time. Just do them. Do them fast and get them done. You will feel very accomplished.

Do I daydream? If you are not sure, periodically ask yourself, “What am I thinking about at this moment?” If it is not about the task your doing, you are not as effective as you could be.

Have I never taken a Time Management Inventory? Learn your strengths and get useful tips to improve your weaknesses so you can have better control over your time. 

-Dr. Mimi

Dr. Mimi Hull is a licensed psychologist, she has a master’s in counseling and personnel services and a doctorate in psychology with specialization in business management from the University of Florida.

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