The Corporate Couch – Take A Vacation!!!

The Corporate Couch – Take A Vacation!!!

You need to take a vacation. It is important for you to escape work related tasks to avoid burnout and be even more productive.

Here are some benefits of taking a vacation:

Stress reduction – Research shows that people who take time off have fewer stress-related issues such as headaches, vision problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and heart irregularities. In fact, if you are already experiencing any of these, a vacation may be the best prescription!

Heart disease prevention – Studies have found skipping even one year’s vacation can lead to a higher risk of heart disease. Coronary-related issues can increase 30% when you fail to take a break from work.

Improved productivity – Vacations give you a chance to rest, relax and realign priorities. When vacationers return to work, they work at an even higher performance level. The time away replenishes your resources and provides a greater opportunity to focus on your work when you return.

It’s your right and reward – Consider your vacation time as a reward for your hard work. Yes, it may be part of your compensation package but it’s also something you have earned and should be enjoyed.

Creates a positive environment – When people take a vacation, they usually come back feeling restored and content. This reduces negativity and grumpiness. No one wants to work in a negative environment.

Take your vacation and know that you are helping both your colleagues and yourself.

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