Stemma Craft Coffee

Continuing a family tradition in coffee. 

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Originally from Nicaragua, Maria Blandon and her daughter Rebecca are the owners of Stemma Craft Coffee, LLC. A modern coffee shop located in the vicinity of Downtown Orlando that offers high quality imported coffee and a variety of food options to the local community.

In 1960, the Blandon family started to produce coffee in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Through the years, the farm became a family legacy, recognized by many important coffee contests for the quality of their product; among these awards are the Cup of Excellence, the Hall of the Emmys, and the George Lopez Foundation. After four generations, Maria and Rebecca developed a passion for the industry and a desire to make their coffee known overseas. Maria started importing coffee to United States and Rebecca became the provider for key American companies, but these were just the first steps into their entrepreneurial journey.

The mother-daughter duo had always dreamed about opening a coffee shop with their own products and branding. Hence in April 2021, Maria and Rebecca approached Prospera for guidance and support to make their dream come true. They received personalized consulting from Prospera to create an action plan and were granted with business advancement services to formulate a strong business plan, learn QuickBooks® to optimize their bookkeeping, and develop a branding kit to for their desired corporate image. In addition, Prospera helped them secure a line of credit for their business.

“They helped us feel prepared. We were like babies, and they were holding our hands every step of the way. I feel like they genuinely cared and wanted to help us.” Rebecca Blandon said about Prospera.

Today, Maria and Rebecca employ five families in their farm in Nicaragua and have created 12 jobs in Orlando since the opening of their coffee shop in October of this year. In the future, Maria and Rebecca hope to expand their business and continue to create new and better job opportunities. For the Blandon family, their continued growth and success is proportionate to their eagerness to give back to the community and to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

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