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Welcome to the BizLink Orange Business Blog!

This is the forum for sharing creative ideas, inspiring stories, and your random thoughts on starting and growing, small businesses! This blog is specifically designed with you, the entrepreneur and small business owner in mind.

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Jerry Ross

Seinfeld on Start-Ups: “Right here, in this little apartment?”

The Boyfriend:  Part 1 (episode 17 from season 3) for those keeping track at home, was a gem on so many levels. In this edition of 'Seinfeld on Startups' we're [...]


The most underrated and often overlooked leadership skill is Visualization. Great leaders must have two things: A vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to [...]

Seinfeld on Start-Ups: Look to the Muffin

“The Muffin Tops” was part of season 8 for our selfish foursome of oddballs.  It marked another of Elaine’s forray’s into the world of business.  This episode also taught hairy [...]

Traction Is Like Fuel for Your Business

Funding is critical for scaling and growing almost all startups. If investors are ignoring to fund your startup business, one of the main reasons is “You don’t have any traction!” [...]

The Corporate Couch – Mr. Dream Team

Dear Dr. Mimi: I am a fairly new manager, and I have recently seen various organizations start to diversify their staff. I have no problems with my current staff. In [...]

Business Culture – The Best Competitive Edge

45-95% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs, looking for another job and/or industry, depending on which survey you believe in! The top two reasons are burnout and business [...]

The Best of Times… and the Worst of Times!

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. I have been an entrepreneur all of my life and it has presented me with some of the best of [...]

The Corporate Couch – Survey Oy Vey

Dear Dr. Mimi: We have 22 employees in our company and have been experiencing increased turnover. We don’t know why. We are committed to improving our organization, but we don’t [...]

The Corporate Couch – Worn Out

Dear Dr. Mimi: Is the customer always right? We have a particular client whom we just can’t seem to please. They are the only customers who constantly complain, and it [...]

The Corporate Couch – Laid-Back

Dear Dr. Mimi: I am one of two supervisors at my work, and we have about 20 employees. I find that our employees see me as the laid-back, friendly one [...]

The Corporate Couch – Stressed to the Max

Dear Dr. Mimi: I am working from home and working nonstop and longer hours due to the pandemic. As a result, I am getting more and more stressed and more [...]

The Corporate Couch – Not Blind nor Deaf

Dear Dr. Mimi: What do I do about an employee who complains about other people? He is a hard worker, gets his work done on time and does it well [...]

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