Join the BizLink Orange Resource Partner Network

Join the BizLink Orange Resource Partner Network

BizLink Orange Partner Statement of Collaboration:

By signing up, I indicate my organization’s commitment to engage and participate as a credible BizLink Orange Resource Partner.  I understand and agree to play an active role in supporting this community initiative which is dedicated to creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the six-county region of Central Florida.

How we define an entrepreneur:

I understand that BizLink Orange believes that a successful entrepreneur is a growth-oriented and risk-tolerant individual who sees opportunities in creating and/or expanding a for-profit business venture, and takes action to leverage the skill and expertise of a network to turn concepts into economic realities that benefit themselves and/or the community of Central Florida.

Recognition of our place in the community:

I acknowledge that BizLink Orange is a unique online initiative consisting of many participating business organizations, events, and like-minded individuals who are collaborating together to produce “economic development through small business development.”  BizLink Orange is managed by the National Entrepreneur Center and serves as the region’s digital platform for connecting with Central Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem which includes a growing number of economic support organizations (ESO), government agencies, educational institutions, business support agencies, financial resources, and human capital.

Confidentiality and Use of Information within the BizLink Orange network

I acknowledge that as a BizLink Orange resource partner, I may have access to sensitive information including financial and other data pertaining to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Central Florida region.  As a professional, I agree to hold that information in the strictest of confidence within the BizLink Orange network, disclosing information with extreme discretion only to parties who have a need to know in order to make a business building connection which will benefit the entrepreneur.  I further agree that a violation of this confidence could result in my expulsion from the BizLink Orange network.

Permissions and Philosophies

Upon approval as a Resource Partner of BizLink Orange, I give my permission for BizLink Orange to promote and publicize my organization and services as an engaged Resource Partner of BizLink Orange in all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities relating to BizLink Orange.

I also agree to actively promote BizLink Orange, entrepreneurship and small business development as a valuable tool for our region’s entrepreneurial community.

As a Resource Partner, I will support the collaborative approach to accelerating small business development and entrepreneurial success in Central Florida.  I understand that our collective efforts toward long-term economic impact is produced from the work of many resource partners, advisors, mentors, and community development partners working collaboratively over a period of time.

I believe there is no “wrong door” for an entrepreneur to enter into Central Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Entrepreneurs can approach any resource partner within the region and be confident they will be informed and connected to any appropriate resources throughout the region.

I agree with the philosophy that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and that local entrepreneurs have the ability to positively impact our local economy.

As a BizLink Orange Resource Partner I agree to:

  • Act in good faith within the network
  • Attend and participate in BizLink Orange meetings and events
  • Allow BizLink Orange to market your organization and services
  • Be timely and responsive to all referrals from BizLink Orange
  • Be an advocate of the BizLink Orange Initiative in the community
  • Promote BizLink Orange on my website, with reciprocal links, if possible
  • Participate in surveys and reporting requests from BizLink Orange to help the network identify and track economic impact and small business success
  • If applicable, utilize the community CRM to assist the community in tracking clients, resources, and economic impact
  • Actively make connections for entrepreneurs that assists them in starting and growing their business ventures.
  • Abide by any decisions of the BizLink Orange Advisory Board with regard to interpretations or appeals of BizLink Orange policies and procedures.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply you must be:

  • A Not-for-Profit Organization, Government funded or educational entity that offers free or low-cost business support services.
  • Been operating for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Have a proven track record of successfully serving entrepreneurs / small business owners.

Nothing in this Collaboration Statement in intended to create a “legal partnership” nor any other business entity.  BizLink Orange resource partner status is limited to organizations that share our collective mission of strengthening the local small business and entrepreneurship community in Central Florida.  We define Central Florida as the six-county region of:  Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia and Brevard. 

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Your organizations may SUPPORT all types of entrepreneurs and business owners, or you may SPECIALIZE in serving specific sub-groups of businesses. In each category below, please check the types of clients which you provide direct assistance, coaching and services for. Please mark all that apply, see below for an example.

Support Specialize Description
Your organization provides this option
Your organization specializes in providing this option
Your organization does not provide this option

Opportunity Populations

Does your organization specialize in serving one or more of the following audiences?

Support Specialize Opportunity Populations
African American
Middle Eastern North African
Military Veteran and/or Service Disabled Veteran
Native American
People with Disabilities
Returning Citizens
Senior Citizens
Youth (Under 18)

Business Type

Select the types of business your organization serves.

Support Specialize Business Type
Innovation-Led (tech enabled and/or intellectual property involved)
Main Street
Second Stage/Growth & Expansion

Business Stage

Select the stages of business your organization serves.

Support Specialize Business Stage
Inception / Idea
Proof of Concept / Prototype / Market Intro
Rollout / Startup / Early Stage
Second Stage / Growth & Expansion

Business Location

Select the types of business location firms you work with.

Support Specialize Business Location
Brick & Mortar
Home Based


Select the industries your organization serves.

Support Specialize Industry
Aerospace & Defense
Architecture & Design
Arts & Creative Services
Bioscience & Manufacturing
Building & Construction
Cleaning Services & Janitorial
Energy & Utilities
Entertainment, Gaming & eSports
Events and Conferences
Finance & Insurance
Food & Beverage (non-Restaurants)
Graphic Design & Printing
Health & Fitness (Wellness)
Human Resources
Importer and Exporter
Information Technology & Software
Landscape & Lawn Care
Machining & Manufacturing
Not for Profit
Other Services
Personal Services (hair salon/barber shop/nail salon, etc.)
Pet Services
Professional Services
Real Estate
Tourism & Hospitality
Transportation & Logistics

Services You Offer

This section will assist in matching prospective clients with the services you offer. The services you indicate will determine what clients are referred to your organization for assistance. Please use the list below and indicate ONLY THE SERVICES YOUR ORGANIZATION PROVIDES, as opposed to services for which you would know where to refer the client. This will save entrepreneurs time and your organization's frustration. Please indicate a specialty area if one applies.

Accelerators and Incubators

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Budget, Financial Statement, and Cash Flow Training
Estate Planning
Payroll Services
Retirement/Exit Planning
State Tax Credit Information
Tax Credits
Tax Preparation Assistance
Tax Registration

Business Planning

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Plan Consulting
Business Succession Planning
Demographic and Census Data
Feasibility Studies
Forming a Business
Identification and Research of Foreign Markets
Market Plan Development
Market Research

Buying or Selling a Business

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Buying or Selling a Franchise
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Purchasing or Selling an Existing Business
Tax Services

Disaster Relief

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Resource & Services
Disaster Training

Economic and Site Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Economic Development
Economic Forecast
Environmental Compliance
Lease Review
Site Location Assistance
Tax Credit Providers

Events and Community Building

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Matchmaking Events
Global Entrepreneurship Week
Neighborhood Fairs and Festivals
Pitch Events
Small Business Week
Specialty Events
Startup Week or Weekends

Financial Resources and Assistance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Angel Investment Providers
Crowdfunding Preparation
Debt Funding Preparation
Disaster Loan Assistance
Equity Funding Preparation
Financial Statement and Cash Flow
Government Funding
Grant Funding Providers
Grant Writing Resources
Loan Providers
Matching Fund Providers
Microloan Providers
New Market Tax Credit
Opportunity Zone Funding
Real Estate Finance
Research & Development Grants
Revenue Based Financing (i.e. factoring)
SBA Backed Loans
Venture Capital Providers

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Employee Development
Hiring and Firing
Insurance (Workers Compensation)
Leadership/Professional Development
Policies and Templates
Workforce Incentives
Workforce Training

Import and Export Assistance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Certification and Licensing
Financial Assistance for Exporting Activities
Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
Locating Foreign Distributors
Networking/Exploring Exporting/Importing
Trade Education and Training

Internship Programs and Student Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Degree Program
Internship Program
Student Marketing Projects
Student Placement
Student Research Projects
Student Training
Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Legal Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Contract Review
Employee Relations
Environmental Compliance
Forming a Business
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Resources
Labor Relations
Lease Review

Libraries and Research

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Research Resources
Company Data/Prospect Lists
Competitive Data
Demographic/Census Data
Industry Data
Lifestyle Data

Management Issues

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Human Resources
Insurance Requirements
Leadership/Professional Development
Recruiting Assistance
Strategic Planning

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Augmented / Virtual Reality and Holographics
Hazardous Waste Generation Avoidance Training
Health and Safety Training
High Tech Development
Industrial Technology Research
Life Sciences Development
Manufacturing Development
Pollution Prevention
Quality Improvement (Supply Chain, Six Sigma)
Science/Bioscience Seminars
Technology Transfer
Wet Lab Incubator

Marketing and Sales

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Award Recognition
Branding Resources and Expertise
Call Center Services
Competitive Analysis
Demographics/Census Data
E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
Feasibility Studies
Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
Market Plan Development and Training
Market Research
Social Media Consulting
Student Marketing Projects
Website Development


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Formal Mentoring Programs
One-on-One Counseling
Peer Mentoring

Networking and Associations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Civic Based
Demographically Based
Geographically Based
Home Based
Industry Specific
International Trade
Small Business/General

Nonprofit and Social Enterprise

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Board Development
Funds Development
Human Resources
Organizational Audits
Start-up Assistance
Strategic Planning
Technical Services

Operations and Logistics

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Freight and Distribution
Health and Safety Training
Locating Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers
Pollution Prevention
Quality Improvement (Supply Chain, Six Sigma)

Product Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Contract Research Services
Intellectual Property Protection Resources & Expertise
Patent Information
Product Assembly and Packaging
Product Design and Development
Prototype Development
R&D Support
Third-Party Evaluators & Testing Services

Public Policy and Government Relations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
African-American Business Issues
Asian Business Issues
Black Business Issues
City Business Issues
County Business Issues
Federal Business Issues
Hispanic Business Issues
LGBTQIA Business Issues
Native-American Business Issues
Small Business Policy
State Business Issues
Veteran Business Issues
Women's Business Issues

Regulatory Compliance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Environmental Compliance
Government Requirements
Insurance Requirements
International Regulatory Compliance
Patent & Trade Secret Information
Registration, Licenses and Permits
Trademark and Copyright Information

Selling to the Government and Large Corporations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Bid Matching and Preparation
Government and Military Specifications
HUBZone Certification
Obtaining Certifications
Obtaining Corporate Contracts
Obtaining Government Contracts
Price History
Registration Assistance
Selling to Foreign Governments and Businesses
Subcontracting Opportunities


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Commercial Kitchen Facilities
Conference/Meeting and Event Space
Lab Space
Lease Review Assistance
Makerspace / Hackerspace
Office Space
Retail Space
Site Location Assistance
Wet Lab

Starting a Business

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Research Resources
Feasibility Studies
Forming a Business
Home-Based Business Training
Registration, Licenses and Permits
Site Location
Startup Business Counseling
Startup Classes


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
Budget, Cash Flow and Financial Statements Training
Business Management Training
Business Plan Training and Assistance
Disaster Preparedness
E-Commerce/Internet Marketing
Government Contracting
Health and Safety Training
Health Care Training
Home-Based Business Training
Human Resources Training
International Trade Education and Training
Marketing Training
Online Courses and Videos
Sales Training
Social Media Training
Startup Classes
Trade Education and Training