The City of Winter Park and its Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) have partnered with the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) to provide direct business technical support.  

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Resources to help your business today

Through in-person & virtual workshops and individualized business coaching, the Winter Park Business Academy is here to assist you with starting or growing your business in Winter Park…. for FREE!

The National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) provides access to research databases.

Visit the office weekdays 9am-5pm.

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BizLink Orange provides assistance finding resources and upcoming classes to help your business. 

Request a FREE Personalized Business Action Plan.

Central Florida International Trade Office (CFITO) connects your business to a world of opportunities through exporting and importing.

Reach out for a FREE international trade consultation.

SCORE's Start-Up Program Roadmap Webinars

SCORE recommends all new business owners attend these 5 free webinars when looking to start a business. Each are offered every 4-8 weeks, so check the Calendar for upcoming dates and for additional free webinars.

Starting Your New Business

Designed for anyone with limited experience starting a new business. This seminar guides you through the steps necessary for starting a business: different legal business entities, licenses needed, taxes and insurance. It explains what business plans are all about and shows you how to collect business information and research.

Marketing Your Business

Designed for anyone who want to obtain trial by customers and growth for their business, whether it is a product, service or both. It explains various marketing strategies and contains many practical marketing tips. It will help you define your mission, analyze your situation, conduct research, identify your target market, and develop your marketing mix.

Building Your Business Plan

Designed for anyone who has done their business research, most of their marketing plan, and understands some basic accounting and finance. It explains the purposes and value of a plan and uses a content template to help determine what goes into each section of this plan.

Building Your Financial Plan

Designed for anyone who have limited knowledge or understanding of basic accounting and finance. This seminar is intended to explain the methods and need for financial tracking, control and generating the financial projects necessary to develop your plan such as cash flow, income statement, break events and balance sheet.

Funding Your Business

Designed for anyone who thinks they might need funding for their business. It is designed for start-ups and existing businesses with cash flow or capital issues. The seminar explains the various sources of funds, their lending criteria, and how they differ.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) FREE Workshops & Webinars

The Small Business Development Center offers free webinars and seminars to help businesses at all stages. Check the Calendar for upcoming dates.

How To Start Your Business

If you’re thinking of starting a business, it’s important to take the right steps. This in-person seminar will give you an overview of what to know, actions to take, and how to avoid common missteps to give your company its greatest chance of success.

Learn about the journey from pre-venture to start up to opening your business and cover:

Business legal entity selection, Registration and licensing, Marketing and branding, Sources of financing and capital, Business plan building, and more…

This seminar is held the first Thursday of each month at the National Entrepreneur Center.

Marketing Basics

A webinar providing an overview of the marketing process for small business, as well as a close look at all elements of a marketing plan. Marketing is the driver of revenue growth and an imperative for small business success. Topics include the traditional four “P’s” of marketing – Product, Place, Promotion, and Price – as well as three new “P’s” with special application to small businesses – Positioning, People, and Planning.

Business Plan Writing Made Easier

Your business needs a roadmap for every stage of its growth. This webinar will help remove the mystery of how to create a business plan, the information that should be included, and how to use it as a tool to keep your company on track for long term growth.

Free Business Guides


You don’t have to do it alone! Locate resources that can help you start a business in Central Florida!

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Licensing & Zoning

Learn about the zoning, license(s), and tax receipts you’ll need to operate a business.



Ready for a cash infusion? Learn how to properly apply for a business loan, grant, and alternate funding.


Nonprofit Startup

Turn your vision and passion for helping others in your community into a reality.



Are you focused on growing your business? Learn how to accelerate and penetrate new markets.



Find and win more bids and contracts with relevant certifications in place for your business.


Government Contracting

How to grow your business by having federal, state, and local governments as customers!

Government Contracting Guide

International Trade

Ready to go international? Discover the steps to get started on your way to exporting and importing!


Local organizations helping Winter Park businesses

Operating a Business in Winter Park

Business Certificate / Tax Receipt / Occupational License

***Applying for a Business Certificate does not permit the applicant to operate or engage in business until the certificate has been issued.***

Approval Process

STEP 1   Verify that the zoning of your location is approved for your business type by contacting the Zoning Division at 407-599-3530. It is imperative that this step is done first. If the property is not zoned properly, the occupation/business activities will not be permitted/approved.

STEP 2   If you are performing interior alterations or changing the usage from the previous operator/tenant, a building permit is required. When work is completed, a new Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained prior to receiving a Business Certificate. Before proceeding to the next step, please contact the Building & Permitting Services Department at 407-599-3237.

STEP 3   Select your business type (New, Home-based, etc.) to Apply for a Business Certificate.


Business Certificates expire each year on September 30, regardless of when you apply. You are responsible for paying for the renewal of a business certificate each year; otherwise a penalty will be assessed for late payment. Additionally, any previous zoning approvals could be null and void.

If your business has closed or moved to a location outside the city limits of Winter Park, please email [email protected] to stop receiving renewal notices.

After acquiring your City of Winter Park Business Certificate, you will need to obtain your Orange County business tax receipt.

Visit Orange County Business Taxes Website or call 407-836-5650.

Procurement & Doing Business with Winter Park

The mission of the Procurement Division is to procure quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to provide the very best service to the public, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors.

The Procurement Division is responsible for establishing procurement policies and coordinating the procurement procedures for the city. The division provides support for all departments in the city as well as contracting for the purchase of supplies and services exceeding the threshold for formal solicitation.

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