The Corporate Couch – Laid-Back

The Corporate Couch – Laid-Back

Dear Dr. Mimi:

I am one of two supervisors at my work, and we have about 20 employees. I find that our employees see me as the laid-back, friendly one and the other supervisor as the strict boss type. I enjoy being friendly with everyone, but I feel like they are taking advantage of me. They come in later and later, take breaks more often, and take advantage of my easygoing nature. I feel like they know that they are manipulating me. I’m not an assertive person, but it really bothers me that this dynamic is making me feel bad. What should I do?


Dear Laid-Back:

Being a supervisor means that sometimes you need to step up and say “no.” They may see the other manager as strict (in comparison) because that person sets standards and rules for the employees. Being a manager is all about finding the balance between the two. You can be friendly with your employees, but at the end of the day, you need to set expectations and hold them accountable. I would recommend maybe looking up tips on how to be more assertive in a productive way.

-Dr. Mimi


Dr. Mimi Hull is a licensed psychologist, she has a master’s in counseling and personnel services and a doctorate in psychology with specialization in business management from the University of Florida.

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